Intellectual Properties

We are a small group with a big past, and the tides we hope are once again changing. As you may have noticed by now, we believe that ethical naturism is not just about taking ones clothes off. However a way of life with loads of benefits. As such we wish to be able to share this lifestyle with as many people who can see and understand these benefits.

One of our first steps in doing this was to rebuild this website. When asked to do so I thought to get out as much knowledge and understanding as possible in the information that was to be published on this site. To do this I reached out to someone who I consider to be “the” Ethical Naturist, Stéphane Deschênes of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Not only do they have a website full of information on their park and naturism, Stéphane also has a podcast with very informative and educational subjects pertaining to naturism. I have come to learn a lot of things myself and have grown and understood things that before were just a feeling of understanding. Who else better to ask?

Maybe you have seen the Bare Oaks site, perhaps you have even noticed a lot of our information is almost exactly the same as theirs. This is because it is! Yes, I went to Stéphane in email and asked express permission to use the information on their site for ours. Some of what you read here is mine, although even that is heavily inspired. Other pages such as the FAQ, have only had small modifications made to accommodate what our small club is, compared to what they have.

Perhaps in time someone or myself will write some information that is our own. Perhaps, we will even be able to share this with Bare Oaks for their use. However for now, the information you see here, in my humble opinion, has yet to be better written to express what true ethical naturism means than the fine people at Bare Oaks have done.

So with a humble heart and much appreciation, a huge shout out to Stéphane and Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Who has given us permission to use their extensive and in-depth web page as a resource to ours. If you have not yet visited their site, please click the link above. And don’t forget to checkout that podcast I mentioned earlier!