Family Oriented Ethical Naturist Club


Fellow naturists, we recognize that normal activities have now resumed in the after math of Covid. We hope all are well and safe. We are also aware a lot of you are looking forward to coming to our swims again. We too are missing your fellowship, however at this time all of our organizers are unable to do this for various life chalenges. We thank you for your patience and hope that we will be able to do a half season. May life be kind you and to us all who enjoy our club. We hope we will be capable of doing so soon.

Arbutus Park Club is a non-landed naturist club committed to family oriented naturism. We believe that ethical naturism in a non-sexual, family oriented environment has physical, psychological, environmental, social and moral benefits. We invite you to checkout the rest of our site and join us as we liberate ourselves from the stresses and expectations of a clothing required society. Although we believe that nudity is key to body acceptance and is part of our philosophy, the pre-socials are a clothed event. This will give you an opportunity to meet some of our members, ask questions, and see for yourself the benefits that naturism has to offer. We are also associated with the American Association for Nude Recreation within the Western Canadian Region.

For information about our monthly Nude Swims and other Events, please click here.

At Arbutus Park Club, we are committed to the values of ethical naturism and a family oriented environment. Although as humans we are sexual in nature, we realize that society and the internet has corrupted and exploited the human body and it’s image. As such, some clubs have even been led to bend their values to gain members. There are also those out there scouring the internet for morsels of indecent material. In keeping to our commitment and values, if you are looking for material such as pornography, swinging, or other sexually charged events you will not find what you are looking for here, and we ask that you continue your search elsewhere. Alternatively, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, Defining Naturist, and Links pages in order to learn what naturism is actually about.